Campaign Title

Flux Business Class Exclusive Deals

Description of the Campaign

We offer a special, one-time discount incentive for Flux Business Class customers (B2B). The value of the discount will be determined based on the monthly subscription fee in the following manner:

Discounted Value & Promo Code: 

  1. Monthly Subscription: RM 1000 to RM 1999.99 = RM 500 Discount. (Promo code: B2BDEALS23_500)

  2. Monthly Subscription: RM 2000 to RM 2999.99 = RM 1000 Discount. (Promo code: B2BDEALS23_1000)

  3. Monthly Subscription: RM 3000 to RM 3999.99 = RM 1500 Discount. (Promo code: B2BDEALS23_1500)

  4. Monthly Subscription: RM 4000 to RM 4999.99 = RM 2000 Discount. (Promo code: B2BDEALS23_2000)

  5. Monthly Subscription: RM 5000 to RM 5999.99 = RM 3000 Discount. (Promo code: B2BDEALS23_3000)

  6. Monthly Subscription: RM 6000 & above = RM 3500 Discount. (Promo code: B2BDEALS23_3500)

Campaign Period

16th May 2023  - 30th September 2023

Campaign Mechanics

  The B2BDEALS23_500 to B2BDEALS23_3500 Promo is applicable for: 

  • All vehicles on the FLUX platform, and

  • for the 1st Month Subscription only, and

  • for 12, 24, 36, and 60 Months plans only, and

  • for all mileage packages, and

  • for Business subscriptions only. 

Reservation must be completed by 23:59 UTC/GMT +8 hours, and the subscription must be approved and paid for before 30th September 2023.

Vehicle swaps are available for business subscriptions under this exclusive promotion. However, the ONE TIME Off Discount will be voided. The Member must pay the full price of the discounted amount before being able to swap to another vehicle. Eg, the RM1500 discount value is to be paid back to Flux before swap to another vehicle. 

Members are entitled to insurance, road tax, maintenance, and wear & tear when subscribing to this Promotion.

In the event of early cancellation, members are still liable to pay that cycle’s full monthly subscription fee.

Members will undergo an eligibility/credit check before confirming the subscription.

A security deposit is applicable and is fully refundable less any tax, summonses, excess mileage charges, restoration fee and other charges, shall there be any.

In the event of early cancellation, the Member shall forfeit this promotion and the given discounted amount will be chargeable, plus any cancellation fees in the final amount.

FLUX reserves the right to approve or decline any subscriptions and promotions from this Campaign at its full discretion.

The above Terms & Conditions set out shall apply to all uses of the promo code.


  1. How am I entitled to this Campaign?
    Firstly, create an account (, upload all the necessary documentation such as ID, valid driving license, and a valid payment method, and verify the account via email or phone verification code. Then, provide company details and documents to Flux’s representatives to check and register a business account with Flux, then reserve your preferred vehicle within the campaign period with a given discount code.

  2. What are the costs not included in my monthly subscription fee?
    Should there be any summonses, excess mileage charges, and restoration fees will be charged to you at the end of the subscription.