Campaign Title

Test ‘own’ the Blueshark R1 Campaign


Description of the Campaign

Member will be entitled to subscribe to an EV for the duration of 1 week


Campaign Period

April 2023 until further notice


Campaign Reward

  • Experience “owning” the Blueshark R1 for a week

Campaign Mechanics

  • This Campaign is only eligible for one member per Blueshark R1 motorcycle.
  • The Campaign Period is only applicable for a 1-week subscription – no extensions allowed.
  • No pro-ration of the subscription fee for early termination before the 1-week subscription ends.
  • The Campaign has no fixed end date and is subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of the company, without prior notice to participants. 
  • Members will undergo an eligibility/credit check prior to confirming the subscription.
  • Upon subscription approval, the Blueshark R1 is available within 7 business days. The member will need to pick up the Blueshark R1 at FLUX office at Solaris, Mont Kiara. At the end of the subscription, FLUX Concierge will pick up the motorcycle from the member at a predetermined time and location within Klang Valley.
  • Members are liable for the conditions of the accessories, including the batteries and the home charging kit.
  • A security deposit of a 1-week subscription fee is applicable and is fully refundable less any tax, summonses, restoration fee for the motorcycle, any accessories, and other charges, shall there be any.
  • Members will have the option to subscribe to the Blueshark R1 for a long-term subscription after their weekly subscription ends.
  • FLUX reserves the right to approve subscriptions and, subsequently, rebates from this Campaign at its full discretion.
  • The above Terms & Conditions set out shall apply to all uses of the Campaign.

Security Deposit

1-week refundable deposit to be paid upfront together with the first-week subscription fee.



  • 1)       What is this Campaign about?
     This is an opportunity to test "own" the Blueshark R1 and experience the pleasure of riding an electric motorcycle, and discover how easy it is to 'own' an electric motorcycle with FLUX.
  • 2)       How am I entitled to this Campaign?
    All you need to do is register as a member at our website (www.driveflux.com), upload all the necessary documentation such as ID, valid B2 license, and a valid payment method and proceed to verify the account via email or phone verification code. Thereafter, you may use the same account to reserve your preferred EV and subscribe to it for 1 week.
  • 3)       What if I were to return the motorcycle earlier than 1 week? Will I get any refund?
     Unfortunately, there will not be any pro-ration of the subscription fee. We can arrange to retrieve the motorcycle earlier, as requested.
  • 4)       I really like the Blueshark R1; can I subscribe to it for a longer term?
     Sure you can! You will be able to subscribe to the Blueshark R1 for a period of 24 months, 36 months, or 60 months after the Campaign period ends. Just let us know ahead of time so we can secure the subscription for you right away.
  • 5)       Any other potential costs?
    Summonses, and restoration fees will be charged to you at the end of the subscription, shall there be any.
  • 6)       I’ve registered my interest & motorcycle selection. How long till I get the motorcycle?
    Once the security deposit and the weekly subscription fee are successfully charged, you may collect the motorcycle at the showroom in Glenmarie within 7 working days.
  • 7)       Where/How do I charge the motorcycle?
     We will provide you with 2 sets of the home charging kit (comprising of one (1) Dock & one (1) 3-pin Charging Cable).