FLUX’s all-in-one subscription package has you covered for all items considered normal wear and tear for car subscription. If the car is damaged (i.e. items not considered normal wear and tear), then FLUX member may have to utilise the insurance policy included as part of the subscription or to return the car to the state you received it in and be charged a penalty fee. In the event the vehicle is damaged by you but below a threshold not necessitating an insurance claim, you will be responsible for the costs of returning the vehicle back to its original state, less wear and tear.

While for motorcycle subscription, the wear and tear items are covered as well excludimg brake pad and tyres. FLUX members are also obligated to ensure the regular maintenances for the motorcycle are to be conducted accordingly by sending the motorcyles to the agreed workshop for servicing to ensure the warranty of the motorcycles are to remain intact. 


For further information, please refer to the Terms of Use.