Our 3-day Risk-free Return policy wants to ensure you drive off happy in one of our FLUX vehicles. Should you be not satisfied with the car/motorcycle you have subscribed to in relation to safety issues within the first 3 days (or 150 km) of your subscription you can swap it out for one that you are happy with. Please inform our team you are returning the vehicle within the first 3 days (this can only be done twice every 12 month period). When returning the car/motorcycle, ensure it has been refuelled to a full tank and there is no damage to the vehicle while for EVs, do esnurw it's fully charged.

Upon the vehicle's return we will offer you similar options within the same price range from our collection of available vehicles to choose from. Once you have selected your vehicle we will deliver your new set of wheels and adjust your subscription accordingly. You will be charged the pro-rated amount of the Subscription Fee for both vehicles in your first month.

Depending on the reason for the return, we will refund a portion of your Start Fee for the returned vehicle. Should the car/motorcycle be unsatisfactory due to a manufacturing or condition deficiency, we will refund your Start Fee for the car.

Should you not find a suitable vehicle and want a refund, we will then reimburse the Security Deposit and first month's Subscription Fee less the processing fees and prorated amount used based upon the short-term rate. Please note, the short-term rate is equivalent to market averages for a car rental. Reservation Fees and Start Fees are non-refundable.

If the car/motorcycle has exceeded 150 km within the first 3 days we will charge you the full monthly rate for that particular vehicle. For more details, please refer to the Terms of Use.