While Subscribe to Own is designed with the individual in mind, the features of Flux Business Class are more tailored to the needs of the Malaysian business owner.

With Flux Business Class, you get all the conveniences of Subscribe to Own, with the following key differences:

  1. Single Account Billing - Whether you have subscribed to one, five, or twenty cars, we will provide you with a single bill each month
  2. Multiple Billing Options - In addition to Credit and Debit cards, you will be able to opt for a Direct Debit option from your business account
  3. Dedicated Account Manager - Each Flux Business Class subscriber will have a dedicated Account Manager to handle all your needs. This is in addition to our Customer Service Hotline and Concierge team
  4. Tax Relief - Flux Business Class subscriptions are allowable expenses, and as such your would be able to claim the tax relief associated with the expenditure. For specifics, please refer to your Tax consultant.