Subscribe to Own by FLUX incorporates all the benefits of car/motorcycle ownership with low upfront costs and a fixed monthly subscription fee for the first few years.

Members who complete either the 12-, 24-, 36- or 60-month subscription will be automatically entitled to purchase the subscribed car at the end of the subscription period at the predetermined Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) presented to the member during checkout when reserving the car/motorcycle. 

This helps members who want their subscription fees to contribute towards the eventual ownership of a vehicle, but do not want to immediately pay the massive upfront costs associated with vehicle ownership e.g. downpayment, insurance and road tax, maintenance etc, or have their hire purchase loan affect their credit availability. With Subscribe to Own, members can subscribe to their desired cars/motorcycle first, and make that decision later.

It is important to note that the purchase of the car/motorcycle at the end of the subscription period is an optional feature that we provide, and you are not obliged to purchase the vehicle; you can simply return it.