Our concierge service is here to help you handle all the main administrative duties associated with vehicle ownership:

  • Deliver your vehicle at the beginning and pick it up at the end of your subscription period. 
  • Walk through the key features of your vehicle and clarify any questions you may have
  • Schedule the service and maintenance appointments for your car (not applicable for motorcycle) 
    • For motorcycles, FLUX member are required to send the motorcycles for regular maintenance based on the agreed timing and location to ensure the warranty is intact or a certain amount of penalty will be imposed on you due to service lapse which may lead to a void of warranty.
  • Pick up and deliver your vehicle to and from you when it needs to be sent to the workshop (not applicable for motorcycles) 
  • Manage the car when it’s at the workshop to ensure you only get the parts and repairs you need
  • Renew your road tax and insurance
  • Remind you to keep your tyres inflated