FLUX is an all-inclusive monthly car/motorcycle subscription service. When you subscribe to FLUX, you are subscribing to a platform that allows you to choose from a curated collection of high-quality vehicles. In order to become a Flux member, your journey starts with a sign up:


  1. Sign Up

Set up your FLUX account, through a quick and easy sign-up process at www.driveflux.com.


  1. Select a car/motorcycle

All our vehicles are carefully inspected and highly rated, so you can enjoy more time on the road. Choose from a wide range of motorcycle, compact cars, luxury sedans, MPVs and more.


  1. Select a Subscription Plan

Go month-to-month for full flexibility or commit longer term for up to 5 years to take advantage of lower monthly rates.


  1. Select a mileage package

Choose a mileage package to suit your driving habits. Our mileage packages are flexible so you can upgrade or downgrade at any time for the month ahead.


  1. Review the GFV

Review the items included as part of your FLUX subscription and the option to buy the car/motorcycle, based upon the Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) at the end of your subscription.


  1. Reserve your vehicle

Put the final touches on your subscription and complete payment of the Reservation Fee to ensure the car/motorcycle is yours


  1. Flux checks your eligibility

We’ll confirm your identity and eligibility (credit score, criminal background etc) so you can become an approved FLUX member.


  1. Schedule your delivery

Our concierge will reach out to schedule your delivery, where you will get a complete rundown of your new set of wheels.


  1. Drive carefree

Your all-inclusive subscription comes with scheduled maintenance, comprehensive insurance and nationwide roadside assistance.


  1. Swap your car or between car and motorcycle (if you like)

Need something a little bigger? Want something more stylish for a month? Swap for another car within our collection, and we’ll adjust your monthly subscription accordingly.

The best part, FLUX is the only subscription service that will allow you to swap between carsa nd motorcycles. Upon swapping, your subscription will then be renewed depending on thet enure selected and to own the motorcycle with the agreed GFV at the end of the tenure. 

Do note that the start fee and swap fee are applicable for the swapping between cars andm otorcycles.

Members are only eligible to swap out of a motorcycle listed as ‘new’ on the FLUX platform after a minimum usage period of 12 months. 


  1. Buy, renew or return

At the end of your subscription you are able to:

  • purchase your vehicle at the Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) determined at the start of your subscription
  • subscribe to another vehicle
  • renew your subscription of your current car/motorcycle 
  • simply return your vehicle


Simple. Flexible. Easy.